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For children of all ages, the garden is a natural playground where they can get out of the house and really have some fun. It can also be a place of danger - from drowning, poisoning, cuts, bumps, bruises, broken bones and more. You don't want to spoil their enjoyment, but...

  • Every child loves to climb, but young children should be encouraged not to climb trees or shed roofs, walls or fences.
  • Make sure climbable play equipment is placed over a mat, grass or soft earth, never over paving, tarmac or concrete.
  • Keep washing lines above children's heads and well away from play equipment such as swings, slides and climbing frames.
  • Check all garden play equipment regularly for loose nuts and bolts.
  • To avoid accidental poisoning, keep all garden chemicals, sprays and seeds beyond a child's reach on a high shelf or in a locked cupboard in the shed or garage.
  • It's never too early to teach your children not to eat anything they see growing in the garden. When buying plants for the garden, you should particularly avoid prickly plants or ones with berries. Fence off any poisonous trees or shrubs already in your garden, and clear up any dropped seeds, berries or withered flowers.
  • Lock garden tools and machinery away when not in use, and never leave them lying around in the garden when children are playing anywhere nearby.
  • Keep garden gates shut and make sure there are no gaps in fences or hedges that a child could squeeze through.
  • A small child could easily drown in even the shallowest of garden ponds. These should always be fenced or drained and filled when children are around.
  • Paddling pools should always be emptied and stored away after use. If left outside, they could easily collect enough rainwater to drown a young child.
  • Glasshouses and cold frames should be fitted with safety glass or kept fenced off to prevent a child getting badly cut if they should fall into them.
  • Garden trampolines are becoming increasingly popular as a great way for children to exercise and have fun. However, accidents can happen. So always be there to supervise, never let more than one child on at a time and make sure shoes and socks are removed, first. Most important of all, remember that the trampoline should always be fitted with adequate safety netting.
  • Keep children well away from bonfires and barbecues. A barbecue can stay hot for hours after all the cooking is finished.
  • Keep children well away from bonfires and barbecues. A barbecue can stay hot for hours after all the cooking is finished.